FEATURED: The North American Marijuana Index

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The North American Marijuana Index tracks the leading stocks operating in the legal cannabis industry in the United States and Canada. The North American Marijuana Index is broken down into two country sub-indices: the U.S. Marijuana Index and the Canadian Marijuana Index. Each constituent is assigned to either the U.S. Marijuana Index or the Canadian Marijuana Index based on where their business operations are primarily focused.

All three indices began on January 2, 2015 with an inception value of 100.00 points. The indices are equal-weighted, giving the same importance to each stock in the index. The indices are rebalanced quarterly, occurring on the last day of March, June, September, and December of each year. Between rebalancing dates, the indices deviate from an equal weighting.

The Marijuana Index is managed by ManifestSeven. which has full authority regarding listing approvals and adjusting the Index and its methodology. Inclusion in the Marijuana Index is not an endorsement or recommendation for any company.